Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm Moving to France

I've decided to take 'le plonge' and move to France.

Clearly, there are one or two things to sort out before that can happen. For example, I still work, so securing my retirement may take a little time to organise.

As a first step, I thought I needed to get a car and I've found one. It needs one or two things doing to it, but I should manage to get those done by the time I've retired. Here she is. Isn't she a beauty?


  1. I think the car is what I'd call a project.

    Is this decision a 'decision' or a statement of intent (which is politician/bureaucrat speak we know can mean almost anything.)

    That means that three of my dearest friends will be all or part of their time in France. I hope you'll have broadband!

  2. I can contribute to the project - the car is crying out for flowers! I do do flowers.

    Wish I could hear you state your intent, to guage the seriousness. GO FOR IT!

  3. The clue is in the scale of the project coupled with my engineering skills.

  4. I wonder if you would consider renting out your car as accomodation?Are the seats still made of canvas?Lucky bugger.