Saturday, 22 May 2010

French Markets

Despite the best efforts of supermarkets, the French market continues to flourish.

Is it because prices are cheaper - probably not. It's just a lovely exerience. You stroll around, generally in the sunshine. You may meet people you know - and because of the throng, you can avoid people you know and don't want to meet (or is that just me) - and you soak up the ambience. You can buy most everything you'd want:-

Ste Foy la Grande, the nearest big(ish) place to Villeneuve has a Saturday morning market:-

You can even buy livestock:-

You can have a meal with friends, whilst watching the traffic go by:-

And you can buy things you never knew you wanted:-

Oh, and here's a picture of my dog, Molly the Collie.


  1. Oops. A big space at the bottom there then. Oh dear. Why do I always want to be in places I love when I'm already in a place I love. There is absolutely nothing like a French market. Wandering semi-aimlessly. Some cheese here (Saint Agur!!). Some bread there. Un arrêt pour le café et peut-être une bière. Beam me over Scottie.

  2. Beam me over too! In the words of Dannielle Catherine - I can hardly can wait until Thursday.

  3. wonderful photos...they did make me think though (not always a good thing!)...

    is it the climate that makes the difference? Or the sound of the language? Or just that it is not 'the familiar'?

    Markets here peddle tat too; and they peddle fruit and veg and meat and fish and cheese; and you can still get livestock at Lanark (mostly on a Monday) and Wishaw (Saturday)...

    Sometimes there is beauty to be found in what is known. If we are open to it.

  4. PS I really liked that jewellery stall!