Monday, 10 May 2010

Chez Blatchford

Chez Blatchford in this morning's sunshine. In fact, the sun has continued to shine all day today.

The house is in the village of Villeneuve de Duras, about an hour inland from Bordeaux. The house was bought in 1988 (or maybe it was 1989 - John's memory is atrocious). It was bought from Juliette Lagenebre, the village grand-dame, who lives next door. At 90 years of age Juliette doesn't look significantly different from the first time I saw her, which was some years ago. Chez Blatchford had been Juliette's family home. It had no running water and no toilet, although for reasons relating to French plumbing laws, a toilet was put in before it was sold. John has gradually improved the property over the years, and he has spent the summer here for years, the summers having got longer after he retired.

I sleep in the room at the top left, the one with the windows open. I call it the 'pigeon room', because in the morning, I waken to the sound of cooing doves. The view from the window is lovely too.

For dinner - melon and ham for starters, followed by baked aubergines with pesto, tomatoes and cheese. Must go.


  1. Oh dear. I'm feeling 'homesick' for France now. Life can be so complicated! Enjoy your holiday. Keep blogging. Some pics of the church would be good.

  2. I'm homesick too!Can't wait to get to La Belle France.