Sunday, 10 May 2009

Starting a family

In the wisteria at the end of the garden in front of the house, a couple of goldfinches have set up residence.  The nest is a small tight cup, which sits on a branch.  It's lovely thing.

The female has obviously laid her eggs, and she is now sitting tight.  The male visits and takes up station on a branch.  He seems to be guarding her.  Maybe he thinks he has done his bit, and he's just at a loose end.

The nest is so well camoflaged that I had to wait for a bit of a breeze to lift the leaves, so that I could see her.

Incubation is 12/13 days, and the young stay in the nest for another 14 days, fed by both parents.  So Dad's obviously just out with the lads until he's next on duty.  John will have to keep me up to date on their progress after Sunday next.

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